Sunday, November 4, 2007

. Hanz Day Out .

.. was a rainy nyummie day for a Fried Q Tiaw + Telur Eye Cow/Mmbek..

Nd & Uncle? sorry `bout d Depth blur!! Mmm didnt mean i dun like u bro.... heheh..
bro.. inda jua payah be - race mua atu! hekh.. hello babyyyy... Thnxs for d Tone bro!

Mamac & his Mac

Syaz 50.. Our Local Pakistani Sharpshooter. hehe.. a.k.a My Burger King Dealer.

Butakaler . . No Comment!!! hehe.. i like your Style bro..

Mr. Rosli d RBA Role Model !!??

Jom naikk kreta kuu....


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